Brand story

Created by the couple Kevin and Sara, MAXRIENY is a fashion brand for love healing.  
MAX enbodies the leader of Rose Knight, repesenting spirit of courage and good mind. Rieny is the fairy queen who’s being caged in the moonlight castle, craving for freedom and love. MAX saved the queen RIENY in the war, leaving her a purple rose and the phase “Fond of yourself.”
MAX is cursed and lost all his memory of RIENY. He chooses to become a fox and stay with RIENY on her guardian.
RIENY protects the purple rose with her pure faith and insistance. The rose fairy is touched by RIENY and bursts into tears. 
The rose fairy draws a magic pattern on RIENY’s palm. “ When you are enable to fond of yourself, the cursed of MAX would be break by your shining gentle power.”
The angel and demon in RIENY’s heart are envoked by the shining hand. RIENY started her love journey and adventure with MAX.